Club Doppelgang

Finally i can post pics of our most ambitious film shoot - the GASA Club Doppelganger. A nightclub routine in the ubiquitous computer. A place where each attendee comes with his/her doppelganger. The music provided by an all animal band.

So many of our friends came out to be animal band gals, or brought their "doppelgangers". Amazing costume contributions from Spoon Popkin and Virginia Warwick.

I won't tarry, and should let the pics speak for themselves. I'll leave you with this to consider - it is felt frequently that Doppelganger "syndrome" is proof in alternate or parallel universes. Dan Conrad, however has told me that he does not believe in parallel universes at all, but feels that people are lazy in thinking of such things, and should put more thought into the mysteries of time.

Doppelganger pairs-

Elisa Urtiaga and _______.

Gerry and Sophia Mak. actual relatives, but.....Doppel still.

Lexie and Kit Mountain. Also relatives. But don't get the wrong idea!!!! Doppelgangers are not actually blood relatives at all!!!!! Not at all!

For example-

Josh Van Horne and jake hotstetter.

The band-

Lioness on the euphonium - Katherine Ralston.

Janet Braunstein.

Virginia in her most well-known guise - squirrel.

Freda Mohr, octodrums.

in the above photo directing the whole thing - Tom "Blur"ram.

The band was a lot of work to set up. We told them to "band sync" like a real music video, and we had them "jam" to Respect by Aretha at about 30% speed - cough syrup style, chopped and screwed.

Best of all was this young lady-

Regina Armenta. She played our "chantuese", and also provided virtuoso pole dancing.

Note our cinematographer, Eric Franklin, going all the way to get "the shot".

Regina and Gina, who played the MC.

Lauren Bender, whom i tried to get into "sexy" attire, opted instead for a more "toothfairy" vibe as the hard-working cocktail server.

Again, here we see me "directing"----

Spoon, our sax player, and Lucy Morreale, the trombonist hang with Regina and m wife, Jackie Milad.

It was an incredibly dense and crazy shoot. I felt that it actually somehow BECAME what we were filming, as the nearly 40 plus people got into their cups and had a a crazy time. It eventually turned into a frantic limbo competition.

Thx to Yeni Mao for contributing the extra wide angle shots above!

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