Last summer Snacks generated the great/terrible idea of having a portion of the film centered around a conflict and subsequent "kung fu war" between the two stooge lead characters (played by yoursss trulysss SSSnacksss) and their "doppelgangers". This was based on the suggestion by Jessie Unterhalter and Emily C-D, also known as the artist collective "Two Can", that they somewhat "mirrored" Snacks - by virtue of their "art duo-ness", as well as by eerie physical parallels.

Emily and Dan exude certain Anglo/Celtic wirey-ness, skinny and pale, suggesting lack of vitamins.

Jessie and Tom exude a certain swarthy, greasy Mediterraneaness, with big brown eyes and er...."powerful" nose shapes.

The idea turned into an obsession and the theme emerged - "doppelgangers". Snacks' doppelgangers are females (and approximately 10 years younger at that). Who is your doppelganger? We don't necessarily have clear or huge ideas about "duality" "polarity" "multiple universes" etc etc. But The idea that Snacks' doppels are not "identical" is very suggestive and opens the mind to so many thoughts....

We shot a huge scene (to be documented here soon) in this past autumn in which an entire nightclub "sub-routine" (existing in the large computer program in which most of the film takes place) is intended as a Dionysian blow-off valve for "doppelgangers", which have some sort of role in the "binary" computer universe.

The intent is not to be heavy-handed, but it is nearly impossible to avoid the implications of doppelgangers. Once we put the "casting call" out around Baltimore for "doppelgangers" to populate our "nightclub" scene....people out in the art community instinctively knew that we were asking for "spiritual" doppelgangers and not "identical twins". They arrived to the shoot with every gesture expressing they "groked" our gist. The meaning and implication of "spiritual doppelgangers" far exceeds what is possible when think of duality as mere "mirroring".

Again, we hesitate to be explicit about our thoughts regarding this overwhelming thematic idea....but suffice to say, our hope is that it will be implicit at minimum that one considers that implications of "non-mirroring" dualities and assymetrical binary languages when viewing "GASA".

These photos were all taken last year in the early spring, prior to shooting the film, while we were developing the plot and theme ideas for the film. Practice for the doppelgang events ahead.....

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