CUPCAKE SHOOT (DAN emerges from the far end of the bakery black hole)

if the above image doesn't haunt your subconscious, then you must be a dreamless brute with no sense of eroticism.

I can't recall the exact date by now, 8 or so months later, but sometime in late july or early august last summer Snacks engaged in the "cupcake shoot" - the first of the "vignette section" of the film. As of now the structure of "GASA" is divided into two parts, the first involves the "kidnapping and utilization" of the main characters, two stooges and bureaucratic lackeys played by Tom and Dan, and the second involves a sort of "cat and mouse game" between the stooges and their "doppelgangers", played by Emily C-D and Jessie Unterhalter.

The "vignette sections" of Part One are a run of what we consider 8 semi-independent "music videos" which demonstrate Tom and Dan in separate "subroutines" testing the pseudo-fetishistic and mock hedonistic properties of a virtual reality computer program.

Each "vignette" may exist on it's own, once the film finally takes to life out there in the world. In some ways the film is intended to be mostly modular, with the narrative vaguely described through images and sound, but the "modules" could be swapped or isolated as needed. Therefore individual sections can serve as "verses" to an epic poem....but in themselves could be self contained and eliptical.

Thanks go to Evan Moritz, Caitlin Murphy and Tim Paggi of the Annex Theatre for their assistance with the shoot. Likewise, Jen Kirby supplied a powerful performance as the cupcake medium. Frida Mohr and Kate Porter provided invaluable support via baking, cleaning and general help throughout. Also, thanks to Ami Dang for providing us with saris and Indian textiles from her personal collection.

As with many of our shoots, this was planned and "baked" on the 5th Dimension, H+H bldg Bmore. We hung the fabric and set up lights over the course of a week or so and did the shot in one concentrated, sweaty evening. Tom did most of the camera work and direction, and Dan, as you shall see, was the nearly nude STAR. Evan and Caitlin endured the heat deep inside the Saris. One wonders how Indian women cope with the heat of their country while wrapped in those fabrics....

Ami Dang has an impressive collection of saris, both from family and also from shopping in Delhi and Punjab on her periodic music trips to India.

Ms. Kirby appeared voluptuous and mysterious in her role. The scene was staged as a "ritual sacrifice", led by Jen. Dan, of course was the lamb in the slaughter.

Evan (below) and Caitlin were faceless henchmen, sari burritos, culinary fusion.

Frida was our "cupcake tech". There a lot of "cupcake strobing" effects in the clip. What amounts to 5 second stop motions animations of cupcakes dancing around on the gurney-top took quite some time to set up. It was exacerbated by the warehouse night humidity and heat.

i think we used a total of 40 odd cupcakes. Is it puerile have these mammarian delicacies served by a chesty young lady, and then have her wreck them all over our protagonist, mr Breen?

I can't remember why Evan was smooching Dan when he had cupcake meat all over his mouth and face.....

hungry maybe.....

the end.

We came close to an edit of this scene while working at STEIM in Amsterdam. As stated before, it's i sort of "music video" on it's own, and this may be the first "leak" of the movie we put up on youtube or similar. Currently we're shaving and tidying the scene. Stay tuned.

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