Gastronomical Anatomical Sensory Administration

Greetings humans.

Here it be December and we have not shot any new footage for "GASA: Memory Overload" since early October. Though we have been quite busy editing and scoring the footage we have done thus far.

Here I'll try to catch up with ourself and highlight the footage and work we've done. Included will be stills, credits, behind the scenes footage and soon perhaps some previews and trailers.

We began actual shooting for "GASA" in June of this year, about five months ago. We lit out on a murky summer day to shoot the opening scene of the movie...a "hunt scene" in which the charming and scary Grace Bedwell locates snacks and "harvests" them. note her "tracking gear"...

Catherine Pancake was a great aid to us for this shoot. We found a spot at Druid Hill Park, which is off of a strange access road that runs behind the zoo. It is very apocalyptic in it's thick gooey forest canopy as well odd clearings with trash and piles of mud, all tied together by the foreboding presence of the TV Hill broadcast towers, which we are "appropriating" as sci fi objects for the movie.

Here is a pic of Tom, just weeks before the "shave scene".

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